Wall luminaire.

Covered light facing down.

Modern design luminaire. For lighting private areas and public spaces.

Powder painted aluminum cast.
Lens - safety glass, transparent.
Silicone gasket.
EPDM cable gland.

IndexLIght source typeLight source powerLuminaire powerLight sourceLuminous flux of the luminaireLED colourEEI
1330ALLED module9,5W9,5W1080lm920lm3000KA+
1330GRLED module9,5W9,5W1080lm920lm3000KA+
1330WLED module9,5W9,5W1080lm920lm3000KA+
1331ALLED module17,5W17,5W1950lm1599lm3000KA+
1331GRLED module17,5W17,5W1950lm1599lm3000KA+
1331WLED module17,5W17,5W1950lm1599lm3000KA+
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