Wall luminaire.

Double-sided light with 4º beam angle up and 60º beam angle down and inversely. Double-sided light with 60º beam angle facing up and down. Single-sided light with 60° beam angle facing up or down. Double-sided light with 4º beam angle up and down. Single-sided light with 4° beam angle facing up. Single-sided light with 60° beam angle facing down.

Luminaire with a wide range of applications for example for illumination of walls and facade surfaces or any other architectural concepts.

Powder painted aluminum cast.
Lens - safety glass, optical.
Silicone gasket.
EPDM cable gland.

IndexLIght source typeLight source powerLuminaire powerLight sourceLuminous flux of the luminaireLED colourEEILight direction
1580AL2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm129lm3000KA++up / down
1580B2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm129lm3000KA++up / down
1580GR2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm129lm3000KA++up / down
1580W2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm129lm3000KA++up / down
1581AL2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm205lm3000KA++up / down
1581B2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm205lm3000KA++up / down
1581GR2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm205lm3000KA++up / down
1581W2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm205lm3000KA++up / down
1582ALLED module3W4,2W435lm103lm3000KA++up or down
1582BLED module3W4,2W435lm103lm3000KA++up or down
1582GRLED module3W4,2W435lm103lm3000KA++up or down
1582WLED module3W4,2W435lm103lm3000KA++up or down
1583AL2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm52lm3000KA++up / down
1583B2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm52lm3000KA++up / down
1583GR2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm52lm3000KA++up / down
1583W2 LED modules6W7,1W870lm52lm3000KA++up / down
1584ALLED module3W4,2W435lm26lm3000KA++up or down
1584BLED module3W4,2W435lm26lm3000KA++up or down
1584GRLED module3W4,2W435lm26lm3000KA++up or down
1584WLED module3W4,2W435lm26lm3000KA++up or down
5027AL2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm126,6lm4000KA++up / down
5027B2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm126,6lm4000KA++up / down
5027GR2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm126,6lm4000KA++up / down
5027W2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm126,6lm4000KA++up / down
5028AL2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm221,1lm4000KA++up / down
5028B2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm221,1lm4000KA++up / down
5028GR2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm221,1lm4000KA++up / down
5028W2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm221,1lm4000KA++up / down
5029ALLED module3W4,2W461lm110,6lm4000KA++down
5029BLED module3W4,2W461lm110,6lm4000KA++down
5029GRLED module3W4,2W461lm110,6lm4000KA++down
5029WLED module3W4,2W461lm110,6lm4000KA++down
5030B2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm32,1lm4000KA++up / down
5030GR2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm32,1lm4000KA++up / down
5030W2 LED modules6W7,1W922lm32,1lm4000KA++up / down
5031ALLED module3W4,2W461lm16lm4000KA++down
5031BLED module3W4,2W461lm16lm4000KA++down
5031GRLED module3W4,2W461lm16lm4000KA++down
5031WLED module3W4,2W461lm16lm4000KA++down
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